Public Relations

The development and execution of a strategic media campaign will convey your unique story and expertise to your target audience, build excitement and recognition for your organization and its offerings, as well as position you as the authority in your field. Incorporating a media relations strategy into your marketing plan will give you greater certainty that your target market is informed about you and your organization’s newest endeavors, achievements, and expertise.

Public relations services include:

  • PR strategy development
  • Media material creation
  • Campaign execution
  • Media coaching and interview preparation
  • Media marketing strategy development


Strategically building your brand from the ground up or transforming your existing brand to its new and purposeful state will provide you with assurance knowing that the visual, written, and verbal messages of your organization are distinct, uniform, and representative of your organization. Brand development provides the necessary direction for communicating your brand effectively so that your organization is being received by marketplace and intended by you.

Brand services include:

  • Brand name and tagline creation
  • Logo design and usage strategy
  • Existing brand revitalization
  • Basic brand message development
  • Essential marketing material design


Image management is a key component to your organization's marketing mix as it represents the "look" and actions of the organization as a whole and the team of individuals behind it.  By incorporating image guidelines and procedures, you can gain confidence in knowing that your organization is putting its best-foot forward at all times.

Image services include:

  • Small business, organization, and corporation first impressions assessment
  • Photo shoot preparation and assistance for individuals and organizations
  • Video production preparation and assistance
  • Executive wardrobe overhaul
  • Professional and personal styling
Consulting Session

Consulting Sessions

If you have an idea and just need creative guidance, feedback, brainstorming power, or strategic know-how, engage Timeus Consulting for hourly consulting sessions.



If you have the manpower and are interested in communication training, Timeus Consulting can design a remote or in-house training package specific to your team member(s) and their public relations, brand, and image management responsibilities.


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